Breakaway Matting is a matting rental company that specializes in providing quality rig mats for many high profile industries. Breakaway Matting was founded in 2012 and with the combined efforts of Jay Ahenakew-Funk, Geoff Sanderson and Brendan Morrison Breakaway Matting has further developed the company. Breakaway Matting has successfully expanded to other oilfield services, helping to build economies, bring equity into band-operated businesses and implement teachings to training, hiring and professional development.

Each member is dedicated to developing their company and providing quality products and services to their clients. These mats can be custom built to your company specifications, or we can provide them in the standard industry sizes. We carry a variety of types in regards to mats including Oak, Hybrids, Canadian Hybrids and Douglas Fir.

Breakaway Matting creates rigs for the oil and gas industry, energy companies, mining companies and construction companies. As a company, we are able to customize service through bundling products to meet all your project needs and specifications. This customization can include light plants or heavy weight pipe, in addition to mats – all you have to do is request it.


Our philosophy is to provide industry leading service while developing partnerships with all of our customers to ensure success.


We are proud to say that Breakaway Matting is First Nations owned and operated.