Determined and dedicated team willing to do whatever it takes to make business easy for you Providing competitive pricing coupled with unparalleled service

Breakaway Matting is a built off of former hockey players, including two NHL players. With their former NHL history, Breakaway Matting has that strengthened teamwork atmosphere that most companies take time to build up. Each worker has a drive for continued excellence thanks to their previous careers, and they continue to exceed in not only their own standards, but that of their clients. These former hockey players are hardworking and strive to achieve greatness in all of their work. With Breakaway Matting being a smaller company, they are able to provide simpler, easier, and more effective communication. They are comparable to more corporate companies in that regard, in that it is easier to get a hold of them, you will receive a faster response, and you do not have to jump through hoops to get a person on the line. With Breakaway Matting also being a smaller company, they are able to customize your orders and tailor to your specific needs. The company can combine, bundle and create customized orders with either standard industry sizes or custom sizes as well. As a smaller company, easier communication and customization is a positive advantage. Breakaway Matting is also very safety and environmentally conscious. Breakaway Matting is focused on providing a safe work environment, not only for their team members, but for their clients. Breakaway Matting would never rent out a product that was unsafe or provided even a slight risk. The company makes sure to strive for the highest quality of safety regulations for the company. Not only are they focused on safety, but Breakaway Matting is very environmentally conscious. Breakaway Matting makes sure to use environmentally friendly machinery, equipment and assets in order to provide the best possible products. Environmental safety is important to the company, as it ties into the First Nations culture that they as a company are proud of. All in all, Breakaway Matting Inc is a dedicated, smaller company who takes pride in safety and environmentally friendly equipment. The client is priority and they will work hard to ensure your satisfaction.