Geoff Sanderson was born and raised in the Northwest Territories. Later he relocated with his family to Edmonton, AB as a teenager.

Geoff’s first six NHL seasons were spent with Hartford before moving to Carolina in 1997. Shortly afterward he was traded to the Vancouver Canucks in 1998. Having only spent a little over a month with the Canucks, Geoff was sent to play for the Buffalo Sabres. He was the Sabres’ best offensive player during the playoffs having scored the winning goals against the opening games of the conference finals against the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Dallas Stars. During the 2000 NHL Expansion Draft, Geoff joined the Columbus Blue Jackets where he scored 30-plus goals in 2000-01 and 2002-03. Later in his career he played for the Phoenix Coyotes, the Philadelphia Flyers, and the Edmonton Oilers.Geoff Sanderson is the Vice President and one of the three founders of Breakaway Matting Inc. He oversees all sales and operations within the company. Additionally he strives to meet the highest quality of safety regulations for the company, as well as the finest customer service and supports environmentally safe equipment.

Geoff currently resides in Calgary with his wife and three children. In his free time he enjoys fishing and hunting.